La Ruta de l’Ermità (Hermit’s Route) is a marked route (red line signals added to PR (Official Short Tour Route) and GR (Official Great Tour Route) designed for trekking, mountain bike and horse riding. The route does not require technical difficulties but requires basic knowledge in maps interpretation and adequate physical and technical conditions.

The route goes through the Cadí Moixeró National Park and interconnects over 20 Romance monuments.

The official period for the Route is from April 1rst to November 30th, depending on the weather.

Being a circular route, you can decide the mountain shelter to start with, how many days you want to spend and the mountain shelters where you will stay overnight.

Please see below the links of the 3 optional routes of Ruta de l’Ermità (Hermit’s Route):


Route in ATB »

Ruta en BTT

Technical data

Total distance: 168 km
Maximum height: 2.520 m
Minimum height: 720 m
Accumulated ascension: 5.821 m

Route on foot »

Ruta a peu

Technical data

Total distance: 105 km
Maximum height: 2.520 m
Minimum height: 806 m
Accumulated ascension: 6.270 m

Route ridding »

Ruta a cavall

Technical data

Total distance: 80.66 km
Maximum height: 1.710 m
Minimum height: 807 m
Accumulated ascension: 4.161 m

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