Ermit’s Route Booking Center (free for participants) organizes the Route, booking for the different lodgings, luggage transportation services (pickup and delivery) and Mountain Guides services.

Bookings can be done via e-mail. Booking orders are required to be done 48 hour in advance to the beggining of the Route.

(*) For orders within 48 hours to the first day of the route, please call us at: +34 93 825 70 16.


Booking general information

For booking you may choose among:

Free Registration


  • Book for free the shelters where you will stay overnight.
  • Hermit’s Route ID
  • Hermit’s Route sticker
  • Register your time in the ranking
  • Security tracking during your route.
  • Document with the description of the route and its track

15€ Registration

Along with the free services, it also includes:

  • Official Alpina Map of the Route
  • Road book for Mountain Bikes
  • Route T-shirt
  • Sports supplements
  • Present at the end of the Route


For Bookings, please read the following suggestions:

  • Think about which lodging (mountain shelter) you will start the Route from, where you will stay overnight and how many days will THE ROUTE.
  • Choose your category: Under 24h, Under 36h or Journey:
    • Journey Category
    • If you want to enjoy the landscape, nature, Romance buildings… we would recommend you to register yourselves in this category. You can take your time enjyoing the Route along with children and elderly people (with the physical condition the Route requires).
    • The Route can be done in some weekends along the year. (No need to be correlative weekends).
    • Under 36h Category
    • Category recommended for people with good physical shape having in mind distance and grade. A good psychological and physical contidition is required.
    • This category is for people with sport goals or under solid training for more difficult routes.
    • Under 24h Category
    • Category for people who want to push their limits.
    • Specially designed for all those who love running.
    • It is not impossible, but it challenges you both physically and psychologically.