L'entorn de la rutaThe route of Ermità mainly goes into the natural reserve of Cadí – Moixeró, one of the biggest in Catalunya. But it also passes throught other preserved natural areas such as Fonts del Llobregat, Serra del Catllaràs and Picancel.

You will go through 11 villages. Gazing at the abrupt orography formed by vegetation and water you will enjoy the beauty of the landscape. But you will also discover many places of historical interest: medieval city center of Bagà or villages such as Castellar de n’Hug, La Pobla de Lillet and Sant Jaume de Frontanyà that keep great samples of their ancient architecture and regional character.

The Romanic architecture plays also an important paper. In 20 places along the route you will find monasteries, churches and abbeys that give an idea of how important the area was since long long ago.